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The Dive Report Advertiser Guarantee

From Guaranteeing good value from your Advertising Spend to proving that we can deliver value-for-money - we are dedicated to making Advertising on Dive Report a win-win situation.

Our Advertising is covered by the following Advertising Guarantee.

If you do not get good value-for-money from your advert we will keep it running until it does

We generally expect that, especially with the relatively low-cost of advertising annually on Dive Report the vast majority of advertisers will receive more than enough enquiries & conversions to ensure that it represents good value for money. If however, this is not the case, we will simply extend the Advert running until it does. If it does still not work after two years we will refund the entire cost of the Advert in full.

How do we calculate 'good value'?

We bench-mark our advertising against the cost of advertising on Google Adwords (this would have a similar level of targetting in terms of what people are looking for). You can generally expect to pay around $2 per click - depending on your Location. So, taking a conservative estimate of $1.50 per click; if the statistics on your Page over duration of your advert (Ad-Clicks, Enquiry form submissions, Page Views, Website Clicks, Email Clicks) do not add up to the Price-Paid/1.50 then we will keep it running until it does.

On this basis, if you had paid $250 for a year, we would expect you to receive, at minimum, 166 customer clicks/interactions. Again, if you were advertising on Google Adwords - you would probably expect a 3% conversion rate which should deliver around 5 bookings. In most cases - 5 bookings would deliver far more than $250 in margin to a Dive Center - especially as many people book as a party of more-than-one. This is of course a minimum and usually upgraded adverts get many more page interactions.

Do I have to keep track of it?

No - we will do an 'Advert Audit' before your advert expires. We will write to and let you know the result and if we will need to continue running the Advert for free or, otherwise, see if you would like to keep your Ad position for another year.




We are honest, transparent and open to feedback

'Win-Win' situations work and we want to deliver this to Dive Centers all around the world. We want to build good-will with the Dive Industry and do conduct business in a fair and honest manner. We love the Dive Industry and we want to grow up to be part of the global Diving ecosystem that, on the whole, is full of very nice conscientious people!

Our recent 'Dive Center Survey' told us that you wanted to see 'Page Statistics' and would like an 'Advertiser Guarantee' over other Ad-Features. We are proud to say that two months later we launched both of these features - helping ot make us more transparent and reducing the risk for our Advertisers.

We frequently take your feedback and convert it into benefits for Dive Centers and users alike. We know we are not perfect and only by listening to people will we get things right.

Questions & Support

If you would like to contact us our Advertising with any questions or requirements - please email us at enquiries [at] divereport.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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