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Aquarius Divers is a PADI Five Star Dive Resort operator offering services from a number of hotels on the island. We visit around twenty Zanzibar sites on a regular basis and go to the famous Mnemba Atoll Marine Reserve at least every second day. Explore our favorite dive sites on a map here.

For qualified divers we have a lot of variety available. From the deep dives at Leven Banks and the Big Wall to the shallow but incredibly beautiful dives at Tumbatu and Wattabomi we really do have something for everyone. The trips are usually two dives and range from around three hours to six, depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

If you haven’t dived before and fancy having a go, or you are already qualified and want to get that next level, then we offer a wide range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diving to Dive Master. If you like photography then we have digital underwater cameras available in the dive center and run photography courses to help improve your pictures.

Courses available include: Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver. For the more advanced diver, we offer: Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response, Dive Master and DAN O2 Provider. PADI Specialties we can teach include: Digital Underwater Photography, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Underwater Naturalist and Peak Performance Buoyancy. If the course you want isn't listed, please contact us to check availability.

Day trip facilities

Day trip facilities

Compressor, Equipment Hire, Own Day Boat, Lunch, DIN, Yoke

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Packages and Courses

Prices shown in US Dollars (USD).


PADI Discover Sucba Diver

DSD typically takes a day, involves some instruction and some diving.


PADI Open Water Certification

PADI's Open Water Certification unlocks an entire new world of exotic ocean adventures. Students from the Discover SCUBA Diving class will already have some of the skills for this course. Anyone in good health over the 10 years of age is eligible.

Advanced PADI certified instructors lead students through guides and videos explaining terms and concepts about the technical aspects of ocean diving. Following class room instruction, the students put the theory into practice with relevant pool dives. Skills build on each other. Eventually students learn about going as far as 130 feet under the surface, pre-dive safety practices, equipment check outs, and how to handle most diving challenges.

Students move through at least five pool dives and four local dives on their way to passing the certification test. The instructors role is to get students safely through the lessons until they are confident enough for exciting open ocean diving. Though fun and focused on making students comfortable underwater, this is a serious course that conveys and verifies defined skills on those that pass. Not everyone attains the level of competence required for safe open water diving. For this reason, gaining the PADI Open Water Certification is a cause for pride.

A big part of SCUBA revolves around equipment. Students learn about selecting masks, snorkels, fins, dive computers, dive gauges, wet suits, buoyancy vests, tanks, regulators and weight belts. The dive shop can rent all of the necessary gear. Instructors can also assist students with buying gear that improves their diving enjoyment and safety.

Class length varies by season and size. It can take as little as 2 intense days, or as long as 8 weeks depending on how many hours per day students can devote, along with access to suitable dive sites.

Gaining experience as an Open Water Certified diver often leads to a desire for more skills. Becoming an Advanced Open Water diver gives more knowledge and skills for enjoying SCUBA in a wider variety of more challenging conditions.


PADI - Advanced Open Water Certification

If PADI Open Water certification is like a standard driving license, then the Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification is sort of an off-road license. At a minimum, students gain underwater navigation skills, learn about deep water conditions, get introduced to more advanced dive computers and functions, plus learn several specialty skills of their choosing.

Specialties include photography, wreck diving, using underwater scooters, optimized buoyancy, and more. A total of 16 specialty skills to sample makes this a seriously exciting course!

One of the highlights for AOW students involves exploring the mysterious and murky world of night diving. Feel like a special forces commando while diving with only moonlight as your guide on the surface. Below the surface, and aided by submersible high intensity flashlights, the phosphorescent sea creatures give student's eyes a treat they have to see to believe!

Anyone who completes the Open Water certification (or equivalent from another organization) and is at least 15 years old, can sign up. Expect 5 dives with underwater navigation, deeper activities from 18-30 meters / 60-100 feet, plus 3 specialty introduction dives.

Despite the name, divers just out of the Open Water course enter the Advanced program routinely because it gives them more skills while earning hours for their log book.

There are both home study and in class books explaining theory, safety issues, and new skill exercises.

For the gear lovers, this course will definitely fit the bill. Everything from the basic scuba gear, to underwater compass, wreck diving tools, underwater photography equipment, DPV's (underwater scooters), dive lights, dry suits (for possible cold water diving), dive flags/floats or other optional equipment may be used. The dive center will have rentals available for each specialty.

Students with the Advanced Open Water certification gain confidence in their ability to navigate underwater, safely dive a wider variety of conditions, and go places they would have been hesitant to with only Open Water skills.

A great course for taking the diving excitement even farther..sign up today!


PADI - Rescue Diver

Adding the Rescue Diver certification shows the ability to overcome challenges and assist other divers in distress. This is one of the more intense courses available for anyone who has completed either the Adventure Diver or Advanced Diver Certification (or equivalent from another organization). A student must also have a current (less than 2 years old) First aid and CPR course certification.

PADI Rescue Diver crewpaks include materials needed for the course, such as pocket masks, instruction book and DVD. Specially trained PADI instructors guide students through advanced techniques for self-rescue, assessing and managing stress in other divers, emergency response and equipment issues, steps for rescuing divers, and assisting unresponsive divers.

Students will need basic scuba gear with a dive computer and accessories. All items will be available for rental or purchase at the dive center.

Once through the rigors of becoming a Rescue Diver, a new challenge awaits. Adding the Emergency Oxygen Provider Course certification elevates a student’s capabilities for assisting other divers.

These three courses - First aid and CPR, Rescue Diver, and Emergency Oxygen Provider - can turn a diver into the person who can potentially save another person's life. Sign up today and add a critical skill set to your diving repertoire.


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+255 24 223 3615

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How Dive Report works

Your enquiry will go directly to Aquarius Divers

Aquarius Divers will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

There is no obligation to make a booking


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Get in touch with Aquarius Divers

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+255 24 223 3615

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Turtle Release

Nungwi, Zanzibar20 Feb 2014 - 20 Mar 2014 with Aquarius Divers

On the 20th of February, we had a chance to help the Marani Turtle Conservation Aquarium to release 61 green turtles from babies to grown ups these last ones who were ever catch in fishermen s nets and cured at the aquarium.The whole day was filled with excitement and even the Vice President of Zanzibar made an speech followed by a very entertaining show that brought all the village and visitors altogether.In the afternoon we lend one of our boats to bring the older turtles to two of our reefs where they were happily released and then, sailed to Kendwa beach to release the youngsters in a race from the beach.

Everyone of our guests had a chance to free their own turtle so a lot of smiley faces were to be spotted.

Join us next year!!

In the meanwhile, support the locals efforts to give turtles a chance for survival. Visit the Marani Aquarium, you will love it and the guys will take good care of you.

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Julieta Rodrigues

Good effort guys & gals!


Aquarius Divers

Thanks to everybody for your comment and support. I managed to fix the pictures upside down. Enjoy them!


Sienna Mackenzie

:) looks fun!!

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