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Hello Divers,

Scubacaribe Sal at Riu Funana & Riu Garopa is a PADI registered Resort Dive Center since 2005.

We are a company with more than 20 years experience in watersports and passionate divers.

Here at Sal you will discover this beautiful island and all its hidden treasures. Large white sandy beaches, friendly people, awesome warm weather...Marine life is just stunning. From small nudibranches to humpback whales. Large fish schools, healthy corals and many more.

come on, pack your gear and dive with us!

Day trip facilities

Day trip facilities

Compressor, Equipment Hire, Own Day Boat, Free Nitrox, DIN, Valve Adapters, Yoke

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Rating 10/10


This is one of the ships that have been wrecked in Santa Maria bay. Santo Antão was a cargo ship 14 crew, built in 1957 in Lisbon. The ship had a length of 53.30 m (with maximum beam of 9.02 m, Draught 3.35 m at the bow and stern Draught 3.63m). Santo Antão was carrying goods between the various islands in the Cap Verde Archipelago. Sunk during a storm to hit a reef near the shore of the island of Sal in 8 January 1966. A short, 8 minutes boat ride from Riu Hotel bay with Scuba Caribe Diving Center. The dive with depths ranging 7 to 11metres, visibility is between 8 and 30 metres. For lovers photography, the extraordinary diversity of fauna, a sanctuary of porcupine fishes is truly impressive and makes this a mandatory dive.

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Gabriel Onus

Porcupine fish are very cute! Looks a nice site.

miroslav photo 1

Miroslav Karaicic

Excellent, finally we have some more info about our nice shallow wreck. :)


Nick T. Morrison

Looks like a good dive site and shallow too, so great light for photography and beginner divers.

Rating 10/10

Clean up Sal 2014

Beginning of June marked two important conservation days: 1. The World Environment Day and 2. The World Ocean Day. Numerous events have been organized around the world to raise awareness for our environment. The sad truth is that all this efforts don’t seem to be enough, as the problem is growing. One big issue is the ocean debris problem. Enormous chunks of garbage are floating in all our oceans collecting more and more debris via ocean currents, winds and continental sewage systems. Even if we would start today collecting and recycling all that amount of waste material, it would take years, even decades to clean the oceans. Unfortunately, the problem is not being addressed properly. One way of helping would be if every community, as small as it may be, would do its part in adequate garbage disposal and recycle use.

The Cape Verde Islands are not a main debris producer. Studies show that 400 000 kg of debris is left daily on all the Cape Verde Islands (Ferreira, SEBRAE, 2012), that is 0.8 kg per citizen. Of course, a huge part of this is tribute to the tourism industry, over 400 000 tourist arrivals have been counted already during 2012, and the number is growing (data.worldbank.org). Yet, Cape Verde does not have a working garbage recycle plant. Most of the debris is still burned or buried, that is how far environmental awareness is reaching us.

Scubacaribe and SOS Tortugas have made the effort and cleaned the beach and ocean during June. Dive sites Ponta Preta and Jardim, just in front of the Riu Funana hotel, have been attended. Our colleagues from the SOS Tortugas have done a great job on Serra Negra, the south eastern beach of Sal. Over 700 kg of debris have been collected there in one single day. And that is after the cleaning was done during May and April as well. The beach on the south western side Ponta Preta are much better maintained, thanks to the daily attendance of the hotel staff. Only 30 kg of debris was found there by our divers. That is good news!

07 debris 1 09 debris 3 10 debris 4 16 group photo
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Mike Bednarz

Nice work Miroslav & Scubacaribe team! Waste in the ocean is such a big problem and with a couple billion people though out the world increasing in wealth increasing their consumption (and consequently their refuse) it is hard to see how this is going to get better without broad international action on waste management and protection of the sea.


Rich Ward

Good stuff :)


Dawn Hadsell

Yeahhh! :) 700kg is a lot of junk!

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