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Pocna Dive Center is located inside the Pocna Hostel, so it is readily accessible for guests.

There are 3 marine parks in the Parque Nacional.

• Manchones

•Punta Cancun

• Punta Nizuc

All are protected reefs and are abundant in marine life.

In May of every year the Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Green Turtles return to the island to mate and many can be seen in the drift dive at South Point (Punta Sur). In July and August the Loggerheads bring their bodies, that can weigh up to over a tonne, onto the beaches to lay their eggs on the beach where they were born.

The waters around the island contain a wide variety of sea life and it is not uncommon to see schools of eagle rays swimming overhead. Also common to find are Starfish, Moray Eels, Caribbean Lobster, and the harmless but magnificent Nurse Sharks. As well as the endless variety of colorful fish that abound the protected reef.

There is a wide variety of diving on the island.

For training and first dives

Shallow dives with no current and perfect visibility in the warm Caribbean water are ideal for a stress free environment needed for your first experience into the wonder of the undersea world

For the more experienced divers there are drift dives, deep dives, wreck dives and night dives.

MUSA, an area in the protected reef of Manchones, was created by artist Jason Taylor and has over 200 statues that makes for an interesting dive and an incredible photo opportunity.

An aspect of diving that is important to this dive center and to most on the island is the conservation, protection, and health of the reef. We offer Project Aware courses and have opportunities to volunteer to clean the reefs, and to help diminish the problem of Lion fish in the Caribbean.

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Get in touch with Pocna Dive Center

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