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Hello, we are YAP RiZE DIVINGCENTER!!!!

We are a bunch of young kids whose trying to make a one and only diveshop.

Everyday we are surrounded by beautiful nature in Yap arguing "Let's try this!!!, Let's try that", trying to make it unique for the people who visit us.

The leader of RiZE is Daisuke(Dice). He has lived on Yap for over 10 years now and before Yap worked everywhere in the world from South America, Mexico, Australia, Southeast Asia, Maldives and so on. For over 17 years he has worked as a Divemaster.

Working under Dice, taking care of the western market is Mike. He has been diving in Yap for over 5 years and a resident from outerisland Yap. He knows the ocean and known for his big smiles and laughs. Nice, outgoing personality and loves to talk. From his looks you would not guess but is good at taking care of every little things and cares for the guests carefully.

We are not perfect. We are not well mannered. We face problems and make mistake everyday. But we try our best in making the guests feel at home and get to know you as a friend, not a customer. We have a capacity of 20 for the hotel, restaurant and diveshop here in Wacholab Village, We want to take you in like family, not customer.

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