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This 5 star PADI dive center is located in the town of Moalboal which lies about two hours south west drive from Cebu City. This is the dive center where the SeaQuest brand originated back in the 1980ties.

Right beside the dive center is the Sumisid Lodge. This lodge is built to serve as a comfortable and very homely diver’s accommodation. The whole set up comes together very well and it has done so already for almost 30 years. The house reef is literally right in front of the lodge/dive center and you’re just a few steps away from the gearing up and getting wet.

The dive center usually plans 2 dives during the day and a night dive is always possible.

If you’re into doing more dives then that is of course possible. Between the island of Cebu and Negros Oriental lies a narrow body of water called the Tanon strait. The strait is between at certain points of 5 and 27 kilometers wide.

The narrowest point being at the most southern tip of Cebu Island from there Negros Oriental is more or less 5 kilometers away.

In the middle of the straight just to the side of Moalboal stands a solitaire rock formation that rises up from the deep blue.

This rock island is called Pescador Island and it is the dive highlight of the region. Bottom less drop offs and steep slopes that plummet into the abyss below surrounded by a huge, huge school of sardines!. There are overhangs and a cave.

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