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We are a small company located in Rhodes Mandraki Harbor. We excitedly opened our doors in late 2009 with the mission of providing our customers with personalized service. Our philosophy is simple: Small Groups, Personal Service & Quality Training. With our traditional wooden boat,we provide daily diving trips for beginners and certified divers. On these trips you can join a guided snorkelling program . We also offer private day trips upon request and may include lunch and cocktails, depending on your preferences. A day with us, will grant you the best memories ever !

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SSI Try Scuba

Get wet, get underwater, and see if scuba diving is for you. Without a lot of theory, classroom time, or stress, students can be blowing bubbles beneath the surface and enjoying their first scuba experience. This session is a great option when someone is curious about diving, but not sure they want to commit for full certification. This session can also be a good way to keep children occupied with a specially trained scuba instructor teaching them scuba basics while their parents or siblings are out diving deep!

All the gear - masks, snorkels, fins, wet suit (if required), vest, tank, and regulator are included.

Instructors guide students through pool exercises, giving them a smooth, easy and quick introduction to scuba gear and how to use it.

Open to ages 8+. Usually takes around 2 hours depending on class size. Safety, fun, and introducing the excitement of diving are what it is all about.

When they realize how simple and cool it is to breathe underwater, students will want to sign-up for the next level: Open Water.


SSI Open Water

SSI Open Water is a certification recognized world wide and allows you to dive in the most common environments with a dive buddy. Covering both the important theory of underwater breathing challenges and activities imparting safe diving practices, students progress from novice to a comfortable skill level. Instructors review interesting diving manuals, DVD's and online training with students prior to pool or open water diving sessions.

All basic scuba gear is provided including: wet suit, buoyancy vest, tanks, regulator, gauges, fins, mask and snorkel.

Upon completion, students can rent equipment at most dive shops, dive in a wide variety of conditions, and dive about 30 meters or 100 feet deep. This means they can see most of the great diving sites around the world.

The class includes a total of at least 5 confined pool sessions with a minimum of 4 open water dives for passing the certification requirements. You need between 3 to 4 days to complete the course.

Requirements for entering the Open Water course include:

• Must be at least 12 years old

• In good health without a cold or ear infection

• Be ready to start the adventure of scuba!

Once as student passes through the Open Water course, they will often want to learn more about specialty diving skills such as nitrox, wreck diving, diver stress and rescue, or any of the 18 diving specialty sessions.


SSI Specialty Diver

There are 18 specialty diver course options available for those who possess an Open Water certification from SSI or equivalent organization. Some of the more popular specialty courses are Diver Stress and Rescue, Nitrox Diving, Deep Diving, Ecological Diving, Search and Recovery, Dry Suit Diving - great for colder climates, Digital Underwater Photography, Motion Picture Diving, and for the more adventurous - Shark Diving and Wreck Diving.

Learning the specific techniques for each specialty prepares divers for handling a wider variety of undersea challenges. Each specialty course covers the theory, safety considerations, equipment, and practical skills required for confidently applying a new underwater skill.

By the time most divers are going through the specialty ratings, they have their own gear. If that is not the case, all the basic scuba gear is available for rental. Gear for most specialties can be rented as well.

Some of the courses require a valid CPR & First Aid certificate prior to enrollment and are only for ages 12 and up.

Coursework involves reviewing the manual and DVD's for each specialty, developing a dive plan, covering the water skills, then applying them during actual diving under real conditions.

Specialty courses range from a 1 to 3 days. To gain the SSI Specialty Diver certification, divers must complete 2 specialty courses and at least 12 dives. This requirement gives the Specialty Diver a higher rating at this intermediate level than any other scuba certification.

There are so many diving specialties to choose from, an Open Water certified diver can continue learning multiple skills for adding to their scuba tool kit for months. One quick way of determining which specialties are more appealing for a particular diver, is enrolling in the Advanced Open Water Diver program.


SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

For Open Water Divers who want the most demanding Advanced Diver certification in the scuba industry, this is your course. Similar to the Specialty Diver, the Advanced Open Water course involves pursuing specialty diving skills. Here is the complete list of specialty courses available:

• Navigation

• Deep Diving

• Enriched Air Nitrox

• Boat Diving

• Perfect Buoyancy

• Search and Recovery

• Dry Suit Diving (for cold water)

• Night/Limited Visibility

• Wreck Diving

• Shark Diving

• Digital Underwater Photography

• Equipment Techniques

• Waves, Tides and Currents

• Stress and Rescue

Instructors lead students through both theory and practical exercises for 4 individually chosen specialties. This is a great sampler course for choosing specialty diving skills to focus on.

Divers pursuing this rating are encouraged to invest in their own equipment for improved familiarity, leading to improved safety. However, students can choose to rent the basic scuba gear required, as well as specific gear for each specialty.

24 dives are required to obtain the coveted SSI Advanced Open Water rating, far above requirements from any other rating agency. Course length varies from 1-3 days.

The same age and physical requirements for Open Water apply here.

Age requirement is 12 years or older.

Deep Diving, Cavern Diving, and Ice Diving are not available to Junior Divers.

This in depth Advanced Open Water course prepares divers for making the challenging leap into Master Diver status. The other option after this rating, is to take more of the specialty courses to gain additional experience and a rating for each specialty.


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How Dive Report works

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