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Barbados has long been known for it's white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, friendly smiles and, of course, rum! One of it's lesser known but by no means lesser quality attractions is it's beauty beneath the seas.

Barbados lies in the Atlantic Ocean almost 100 miles east of the Windward Islands; unlike it's neighboring Islands which are mostly volcanic, Barbados was built entirely out of coral. Year after year, decade after decade and century after century, coral life and death built Barbados up from the ocean depths. This building process is still continuing and can be witnessed in huge 6 ft barrel sponges, gigantic sea fans, black corals and hundreds of tropical fish that adorn every crack and crevice on it's fringing and barrier reefs which circle the island.

Most of the diving activity in Barbados occurs on the west and south coasts. The east and north coasts most of the year take the full fury of the Atlantic Ocean and the easterly trade winds, making for spectacular waves and breath taking scenery. The south coast, being partially sheltered from these trade winds, lends itself to moderate seas and currents; while the west coast, being totally sheltered, is generally like a pond. Whether you dive south or west you'll be in for a treat.

From Maycox Bay on the north-west to South Winds Fringe on the south-east, Barbados is home to many large pelagic such as Barracuda, Jacks of various species, Mackerel and of course Turtles. Year round, turtles, especially Hawksbills, can be seen in the waters of Barbados.

The premier wreck of the Caribbean is the S.S. Stavronikita. She is 365ft long and sits bolt upright in 130ft of water off the west coast. This wreck dive is a must. Cabin, alleyways and the cargo holds beckon you to peek. The enormous masts which come to within 20ft of the surface are coated with sponges, corals and hundreds of fish. This is one dive you cannot miss.

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