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Diving in the Maldives is influenced by the seasons. The qualities of individual dive sites are determined by the ebb and flow of seasonal currents, which in turn affects both the underwater visibility and the marine life. Liveaboards follow these seasonal variations, taking into great considerations from the seasonal currents, Moon phases to measure the tidal current to provide divers to the best and unique dive sites the Maldives has to offer for the time of the year.

The Maldives Islands have some excellent coral reefs, and yet it’s the abundance of fish life throughout the country that sets it apart from other dive destinations. Due to the changing of the current flows every six hours the type of fishes and the amount can vary significantly. There are three types of diving available in the Maldives And they are:

1) The dives done inside the atoll

2) Along the outer reef of the atoll

3) The dives done in channels or passes

You will find the most fish life on channel diving or channel crossing, where the stronger current flows, bringing in the nutrients for the smaller fishes and attracting the bigger pelagics from the open ocean.

Maldivian Liveaboards are supported by a separate traditional dive boat, referred to as a ‘dhoni’, which is used as the launch for all dives. These ‘dhoni’ hold all necessary equipment for diving including cylinders, weights, compressors and the standard ‘post dive cup of tea’!

Many of the liveaboards are operated from Male (the capital of the Maldives) to the nearby atolls, which tend to offer the main diving attractions. Liveaboard tours run from one to two weeks, including the north and south Male atoll and north and south Ari atolls.

Over the last ten years, tourism in the Maldives has expanded dramatically with many more liveaboards and resorts coming into existence. With every expansion, divers have the opportunity to access an increasing number of previously undiscovered parts of this underwater paradise.

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