Dive Report on Sapodilla Cayes, Belize

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Rating 10/10

ReefCI on Tom Owen's Caye

Sapodilla Cayes3 Jun 2012 - 23 Jun 2012

My trip with ReefCI was an incredible experience and I would go back in a heartbeat. They run a smooth operation in an isolated little island in Belize with incredible views, stellar dives, and impeccable service. They do all this while managing to keep it affordable enough so that a student like myself can even participate.

I would recommend ReefCI to any level diver because the diversity of their dive sites allows divers of any skill to dive every site without losing any quality. Between the whale shark sightings, the string of pearls night dives, the lionfish spearfishing, and the deep dives, I saw everything I could've hoped for.

Life on the island is relaxed and simple. I was expecting to rough it but it was quite the opposite. Oceanview rooms took on a whole new meaning.

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