Dive Report on Sapodilla Cayes, Belize

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Rating 10/10

Diving in Paradise with ReefCI

Sapodilla Cayes2 Jun 2012 - 17 Jun 2012 with ReefCI

Diving with ReefCI was so much more than just a vacation.. What an incredible experience!!

Tom Owens Caye is a piece of paradise. One acre spotted with palm trees, hammocks and coral cabanas.. perfect for soaking in the Caribbean.

Diving was great! Different sites each day, from lovely shallow spots to a gorgeous 100 ft wall dive, even a night dive to glimpse the String of Pearls! Visiting ReefCI during the full moon also gave me the opportunity to swim with whale sharks- an absolutely breathtaking experience.

What sets ReefCI apart is their dedication to marine conservation. Founder Polly has an amazing passion for the work she does and has created an opportunity for guests to contribute hands-on to the many ongoing research projects.

One week just wasn't enough..

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George Taylor

Sounds great - great shots!

Tracy Allen

The whale shark and spotted drum photos were taken by ReefCI founder Polly. Great photographer!

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