Dive Report on Cocos Island, Costa Rica

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Rating 10/10

Just Mantas Cocos Keeling Islands NOT Cocos Is.

Cocos Island3 Jul 2012 - 15 Jul 2012

Cocos Keeling Islands Indian Ocean Coral Atoll. Not Cocos Islands -Please put Cocos Keeling on your drop down menu.

Really hard to get to and expensive - but worth it.

Lots of dive sites from wall divivng to coral bommies. Only one operator on the Island so you have to book well in advance - If you turn up without booking and expect to dive you'll be disappointed. Accommodation expensive and scarce.

Take food - meat and fresh veggies. Alchohol cheap. One store on the island but two eateries! Not a place to party The following link is to my video on You Tube. Please add video to your site


Tech details:

Access Boat

Operator Cocos Dive

Depth 8m (other dive sites to 50m)

Difficulty: Open water

Current Nil

Vizibility up to 60m yes 60m Average Viz 35m

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