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Rating 10/10

Black Durgon Inn

Bonaire21 Apr 2012 - 4 May 2012 with Black Durgon Inn

This was my thirtieth stay at the Black Durgon Inn, Bonaire. Basic, but very comfortable, small inn. Bed and breakfast and fabulous house reef diving. Run by Al Catalfumo who delivers air twice a day. Great guy and wonderful island character

All Bonaire shore diving is within 20 minutes driving. This place is a great spot for the chilled diver and relaxed visitor. Don't expect glitz, but enjoy clean air-conditioned rooms with en suite showers etc., good breakfasts (Mon-Sat) and a fun clientele. Most guests are regular visitors - once you stay at the BDI, you'll keep going back - if not, poor you!

See you there...

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