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Island of Bonaire

Bonaire14 Jan 2012 - 24 Jan 2012 with Black Durgon Inn

Been to Bonaire over 30 times. Great variety of dive sites. Some resorts run boat dives, but most of the diving is shore-based. Most groups rent a pickup truck: just decide where and when you want to dive, load up, drive to the site (max.20mins, kit up on the beach and in you go.

40+ dive sites on west (leeward) coast - wrecks, walls, coral buttresses, coral gardens - the lot.

No big pelagics but great fringing coral reef and abundant marine life. Sometimes dolphins, often turtles, eagle rays, only evre one manta in 30 visits.

Favourite sites - Something Special, Salt Pier, Hilma Hooker (wreck), Tolo, Karpata. Currents gentle, except way south. East coast is unsuitable for shore entries - East Coast Divers run trip to the wild side.

Restaurants varied and great - try At Sea, Mona Lisa, Bistro de Paris, Plazita Limeña...

Other activities - snorkelling, island touring, Slagbaai Park, donkey sanctuary, butterfly farm, great photo-opportinities.

I am hooked - guarantee you will be too.

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Be safe...take only photos, leave only footprints - - 8)

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Cowfish 2

Susan Witzel

Hello, Chris. Great report. All of these Bonaire posts are making me homesick for the island. Looking forward to seeing you and the gang in October!

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