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Bonaire Sea Creatures

Bonaire20 Nov 2011 - 13 May 2012 with Black Durgon Inn

Bonaire is known as a diver's paradise. For those of you who have non-diving family/friends, do not hesitate to take them to Bonaire. From this snorkeler's perspective, I can say with certainty that staying at the surface will not disappoint.

Other than possibly frog fish, sea horses and flamingo tongues, I have seen the same marine life as my diving friends. The variety of fish, both juvenile and adult, is the best in the eastern Caribbean. Trunkfish, parrotfish, grouper, black durgon, file fish, blennies, porcupines, rays, lobster, and so very many more. Add in a turtle, octopus, and some christmas tree worms and you have heaven under water.

The condition of the reef varies by dive site. Both hard and soft corals thrive in the waters of Bonaire. Some areas have little to no healthy reef while others are alive and full. In my experience, those spots that are not doing as well with reef still often have an abundance of fish activity.

Whether you are a diver or snorkeler, young or old, Bonaire is a great place for a vacation at any time of year.

Cowfish 2 Juvenile Trunk Fish Octopus1b Angelfish Turtle
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Marie Harper

Hi Susan, wonderful report! Im a diver and my partner isnt, so great to know the snorkelling options for him whilst i am diving :)

Cowfish 2

Susan Witzel

Thanks, Marie. Your partner would definitely enjoy the snorkeling in Bonaire. I go to sites with my diving friends - they dive, I snorkel, and everyone is happy. It seems every time I go out, I find something new.

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