Dive Report on Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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great diving

Phi Phi Islands15 Mar 2012 - 15 Mar 2012 with Scuba Cat Diving

A day trip at Koh Phi Phi, my first dive here at Phi Phi was at a dive site called Koh Bida Nok, I was introduced to my dive guide, she was called Nat, a local girl who had been diving around Phuket and Phi Phi for 10 years.

Nat gave us a thorough dive briefing, my first sight was a school of blue fin trevallies i thought wow! as we descended even further we then hit a beautiful coral reef. Nat our guide was showing us everything, macro stuff like sea horses, nudi-branch and the elusive clown angler fish, which at first i couldn't see until Nat started to point at it. Giant moray eels, lion fish and the beautiful cuttle fish.

We then ascended to a shallower depth and this is when it got really exciting WOW, black tip sharks everywhere! my first sight of a shark this was truly amazing, so elegant and super fast, after a 2 or 3 minutes the sharks then just disappeared into the blue. I have to say a special thanks to Nat our amazing and most sincere dive guide, also the boat we was on MV Scuba Fun, amazing crew who made everyone feel special and we all enjoyed their hospitality.


Hafa Fauziah

incredibly beautiful, makes me more impatient to get there. planned that I would leave there in the mid 2014

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