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Taveuni5 Jun 2012 - 4 Sep 2012

Diving out of Savusavu the main town on Venua Levu.

Dreamhouse is a poligic sight. You descend down onto the sea mount lying at 15 meters/50ft the sea mount itself is a cleaning station for batfish/sail fish.

Off the sea mount lives a resident school of 1-200 scalloped hammerheads. The current needs to be coming the right direction (onto the mount from the seaward side). You'll swim out off the seamount into the blue, the bottom is 400 meters/1200ft beneath you (you can't see it!) so I don't recommend this dive if you have a fear of open spaces!

There's a strong head current, if your not prepared for that it can be quite a stressful dive, so prepare for a leg work out! You swim out through the curtain of rainbow runner, jacks, surgeon fish and grey reef sharks into the blue. Upwelling brings up nutrients from the deep so the rest of the food chain is there to party, 100's of barracuda's, tuna and smaller fish, and then shimmering in the distance a ghostly, slivery white they emerge in all their glory, encircling you, pealing off to come and investigate you!

One word, awesome!

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Catherine Jones

Im so jealous! The hammerheads look amazing! Ive only ever seen one or two at one time.

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