Dive Report on Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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Diving in PhiPhi - Great wildlife

Phi Phi Islands23 Oct 2012 - 23 Oct 2012 with Blue View Divers

I went diving for the first time today on a DSD day - the visibility was really good (20-30m) and diving was very relaxed.

Two dives - second one being a full hour which was great - and saw an adult and a baby Turtle and a Leopard Shark which was fab. Also saw Cuttle Fish and a wide variety of other cool fish.

Sea seems very salty here at the moment - but I guess that is seasonal in Thailand.

Boat and crew were great - and really nice people and great teaching style... also awesome that they help pick up rubbish from the beaches at lunch time - if all tour operators here had the same attitude it would be a far nicer place!

Now just need to decide if I will do my open water course - very tempted but depends on time! :)

I saw: Green Turtles
IMG1217s IMG1196s IMG1219s IMG4480s IMG4505s

Mickael Jeunes

Great to hear you enjoyed your first dive!

Sammy Khedira

a nice view of the island and almost perfect. seductive light blue sea, endless white sand beaches also like tapestry. really fantastic.

Hafa Fauziah

are located in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the western Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland. The islands are administratively part of Krabi province.

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