Dive Report on Phuket, Thailand

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Racha Yai

Phuket23 Oct 2012 - 23 Oct 2012

Great days diving yesterday with many different marine animals around.

Racha Yai is the closest site to Phuket, it is an island with around12 dive sites on it, ideal for beginners to any level of diver.

We did 3 dives there yesterday with 30m+ visibility.

Dive 1 saw western clown fish, schooling barracuda, and cuttlefish at Lucy Reef.

Just a short boat ride away was the Haruby wreck. Schools of Batfish, devil scorpion fish and giant puffers were around.

The final dive was on Home run, here we had fimbriated and snowflake Morays, ghost pipe fish and mating octopus.

Great days diving with flat calm sea and relaxed atmosphere.

DSC00221 clownfish IMG1316
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Catherine Jones

Fantastic puffer photo! Its weird seeing his mouth like that...

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