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An Abundance of Whale Sharks

Koh Tao1 Oct 2012 - 1 Nov 2012 with Sunshine Divers

Sunshine Divers have seen an abundance of Whale Sharks this October. With the rainy season hitting Northern Thailand there has been a lot of nutrients washed into the water thus attracting the Whale shark. With blooms of macro-algae surrounding such dive sites as Chumphon and South West and the world famous South Rock ( located between Koh Tao and Koh Phang Yang ) there has been a lot of Whale Shark activity. Whale sharks have reported at all mentioned dive sites at the same time!

With some dives racking up several sightings of different Whale sharks, including adults over 9m and baby's at around 4-6m. On more than one occasion Sunshine Divers were the only boat at the dive site.

The Sail Rock trips have been amazing for Shark activity, imagine seeing bull sharks swimming beside Whale Sharks, emerging together out of the thermocline at the same time!!!! "Well that's what we witnessed" If you are in Thailand, now is the time to come down to Koh Tao and go diving. It is by far one of the best dives you can have, swimming beside a Whale Sharks for an entire dive.

wshark01 wshark02 wshark05 wshark06

Katie Evett

Amazing! :) LOVVVVE whale sharks

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