Dive Report on Sapodilla Cayes, Belize

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Rating 10/10

INCREDIBLE experience!

Sapodilla Cayes19 Nov 2012 - 24 Nov 2012

I took at group of 9 ppl to Reef CI's program on Tom Owens Caye in Belize last week, and it was AMAZING!

The diving was GORGEOUS! I loved all the beautiful corals, sponges, and critters we saw. Yogi and Tracey were fantastic divemasters and Polly was a superb leader. Every single dive included a briefing. The whole crew was extremely professional, fun, and attentive.

Everyone is still raving about the Lionfish ceviche and Thanksgiving feast. No one was hungry - in fact, I think we all consistently overate!

Polly knows so much about reef conservation, I wanted to pick her brain the whole time.

The RCI team is WONDERFUL! I can’t express my appreciation for how truly awesome they made the entire experience.

Highlight: Thanksgiving feast we help catch (free diving for lobster, conch, and fish) and bonfire punta dance party. The RCI crew made every effort to ensure our whole group had a good time. I also LOVED the buoyancy dive – I laughed so hard watching my friends drill their heads into the sand upside down and then racing them without fins on the bottom. SO FUN!


Katie Evett

Nice! Feast part does also sound rather awesome :)

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