Dive Report on Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

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Eilat Coral reef, Israel

Sharm el Sheikh6 Mar 1990 - 20 Mar 2013 with Diving One

06 Mar 1990 - 20 Mar 1990 !!

This was the most amazing Scuba diving experience I've ever had! The red sea is one of the most colourful and exotic oceans in the the word! On one side you've got the crumpled dried out desert mountains of Eilat (on border of the Sinai, Egypt) and on the other side you've got the ever-ultra marine stunning sea, with endless colourful glittering corals and al types of weird colourful & beautiful fish. I dived to a depth of 30 meters and felt like I'm in an underwater haven. All around you are these silent colourful sea creature and you really feel like your just one of them when you're in there. Wish I can go back there real soon. Couldn't find 'Eilat' as a diving spot so i used this sharm Al shech spot instead.. I've also been to the so called "blue hole:" which is quite frightening, you reach a depth of 1 or 2 KM deep after one step into the water, the thought that a shark might come out of the deep deep blue got me`shaking.


A MusT for anyone heading to the Mid east!

I saw: Seahorses
1920x1200 seahorse seahorses.and.pipefish1
Scuba diving

Clemence Castagne

I love the Red Sea! Only dived Sharm but hope one day soon to go more south or maybe now to Eilat.


Mickael Jeunes

Sounds cool. Plus seahorse pics are excellent.


Katie Evett

I love Seahorses :)

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