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Rating 10/10

Grand Bahama Diving with Sunn Odyssey, Lucaya June 25th

Grand Bahama23 Jun 2013 - 28 Jun 2013 with Sunn Odyssey Divers

The kids (adult) and I had a fantastic and relaxed time diving with dive master/instructor Nick of Sunn Odyssey. The small family operation was well equipped with all the modern gadgets and Nick's expertise made us feel safe in the water. Because of the intimate family operation, I was not worried about being lost in a crowd.

Our first dive at 65 ft. and second dive at 20 ft. were perfect for us amateurs. Water was worm, no wet suit needed and visibility was 50 ft.

Best dive operation experience we've ever had. We have dived at better locations but never with a better operator. Thanks Nick!!!!!!!!


Oliver Whiteley

Thanks for sharing, im considering diving the bahamas next year and will remember your recommendation for Sunn Odyssey when im planning.

Mohamad Motahari

Glad you will give them a try. They really deserve the business. I want them to be around for my next dive in Grand Bahamas. Look forward to reading your trip report when you get back.


Oliver Whiteley

:) i will definitely share it on here if i go!

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