Dive Report on Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Rating 8/10

Quiet Little Gem

Fujairah27 Sep 2013 - 27 Sep 2013

We were too late to book any guided tours so rented equipment from the shop and entered by the beach.

So many different varieties of fish, Green Turtles, Angel Fish, Puffer Fish, Parrot Fish, Hamour.


Mike Bednarz

Hi Rob. How far in advance do you need to book guided dive tours in Fujairah?

Rob Nicholson

Hi Mike, well we tried 2 before and it was booked up but I think they had space the day we were leaving. My advice would be get in touch with them at least a week before but I think there are a few shops dotted around in the area in case your closest one is too busy.

beach splash 1060148 m

Daniel Arrington

Thanks for the heads start Rob! We'll be in Fujairah this Dec. this info is so timely!

Rob Nicholson

No problem, worst scenario and you can't get a guided dive you can just rent your gear like I said, it's a very easy dive around the Snoopy Rock area, in fact I would recommend doing that on top of an organized dive if you get chance.

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