Dive Report on Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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Rating 7/10

Jewel of the Andaman

Phi Phi Islands2 Nov 2013 - 2 Nov 2013

Lots of sea life, saw a huge sea Krait (5ft at least) and a Hawks bill turtle. Unfortunately no sharks today but if you go without the intention of just wanting to see large sea life you will be more than happy.

Left from Koh Lanta, approximately 35 minute ride to the Phi Phi islands, visited Nok and Nai.


Palmira Trentino

I tried for 4 days to dive with sharks (Shark Point) in Phi Phi - although two of the times I just swam out and snorkeled from Long Beach - but no good luck either :( - I did see turtles though!

it is interesting to observe underwater life, the beauty and diversity of living things are there

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