Dive Report on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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Turks & Caicos

Providenciales29 Nov 2013 - 5 Dec 2013

West Caicos was not an option of location so I put the next closest island

Two great dives today in Turks & Caicos. We headed out to West Caicos with Dive Provo. Boat wasn't too crowded and the staff was top notch. Had some small issues with my secondary but other than that everything was perfect.

Tank 1 - not too much out of the ordinary to report on this dive, some others saw a shark but other than that highlights for us included a huge puffer fish (18-24 inches) and a coral formation that had 3 huge lobsters in it.

Tank 2 - the gully - We saw a shark from the surface in between dives. This dive location much better dive, right under the boat we caught a glimpse of a spotted eagle ray, there were a couple schools of yellow jacks circling below, there was also a large grouping of garden eels. While cruising along the reef, we saw a spotted moray complete out of its hole. Saw 2 huge french angel fish, a huge hogfish, some really nice mushroom & sponge coral.

Did not see Lionfish on either dive which was good.


Vandra Allison

Great about the lion fish!!


Oliver Whiteley

Dive Report - add West Caicos!

Evan Weinstein

Went snorkeling on Bight Reef & Smith's Reef today. Found 3 Sea Cucumber, this is the first time I've ever seen these anywhere. Also came across a couple Devil Rays, various puffers, trunk fish, a couple trumpet fish, a banded coral shrimp, a sunken buoy with 4 lobster living inside. Next to Paradise Cove on Freeport, this is some of the best snorkeling on the eastern seaboard IMO.

Evan Weinstein

Photos of all of this coming soon


David Lundberg

Sounds a pretty successful couple of days! I went diving in Turks & Caicos a few years ago and was pretty impressed with the quality of diving.. look forward to seeing your photos.


Clem Murphy

Nice report! Providenciales is the best place to post for this one. Oliver - we are generally adding key dive locations (places people go to stay/dive from) as with over 10,000 dive sites in the world it would be challenging to document well :)

Evan Weinstein

Final report from the last couple days of snorkeling - after 3 trips and 20 days spent on providenciales, I finally found a turtle. Over all the snorkeling was great. Lots of devil rays ranging from 4-6 ft in length. Some decent sized barracudas, including the infamous Barry the Barracuda. Found a really cool spot where they are doing coral restoration between Bight Reef and Smith's Reef. I did notice it seems like the life in the parts of Smith's Reef that I checked out have kind of declined. I did end up finding some Lion Fish after all in different places. Found a really cool spear head while snorkeling in the grass as well.


Julieta Rodrigues

Fantastic! What sort of spear head did you find?

Evan Weinstein

I dunno, its all rusted over.


Julieta Rodrigues

Ah - just wondered if it was an antique or something new :)

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