Dive Report on Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Casa Mia the Maldives

Ari Atoll5 Jan 2014 - 9 Jan 2014

Spent four glorious days at Casa Mia, a new resort in the Maldives. We discovered new dive sites, observed white tipped reef sharkes; many manta rays; a nepoleon that was 2mts and rescued a turtle that was carrying ropes around its neck attached to a bag. The poor turtle couldn't go under water due to the bag. Even managed a challenging dive in current.

Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit

Rescued a turtle! You are my hero!! :) good work Gillian! :)


Joss Leonard

Fun dive! And good work on the Turtle rescue! :) Always nice to make a hands on difference!

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Catherine Jones

This is fantastic!


Jaromíra Tomanová

I would be so happy to see so many things in one holiday. You are very lucky divers!


Jaromíra Tomanová

What were the ropes on the turtle from - fishing?


David E. Vinson

Second that! Nice job!


Zoe Herbert

Brilliant!! Well done for saving a Turtle - must have been one of the most rewarding dives!

Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit


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