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Leven Banks

Unguja11 Mar 2014 - 11 Mar 2014

Leven Bank is probably one of the most requested and famous Dive Sites in the northern tip of Zanzibar with depths between: 18 - 30 meters (and more...).

Big rounded shaped top reef, sandy top and clusters of coral, Leven bank is a very large reef (2 nautical miles long) located in the Pemba channel (open sea in the North from Zanzibar Island), that can only be reached by boat.

It takes between 30 min to 45 min and it is hard to find even for our most experienced captains unless you have it on your GPS.

Currents and swells can be large and only experienced divers should attempt it.

Visibility is usually good due to the currents and it makes it the best spot to find schools of tuna, barracuda and king-fish, trevally, Napoleon wrasses, big moray eels and large schools of reef fish.

Amazing Dive spot for Marine biologist and photographers.

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Morgan Bennett

Looks great! What level diver/how many dives should you have done before you can dive here?


Rich Ward

I have not been diving very long.. so this might be a stupid question but why do you have to be very experienced for currents? Is it so you know to stay calm or can 'see' how to get out of the current? Or use the right protocols with your buddy?

Hana Nováková

Currents can be dangerous if you are inexperienced - easy to be taken away from your group or deeper than expected. Knowing how to get out of them is important!

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