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Turtle Release

Nungwi, Zanzibar20 Feb 2014 - 20 Mar 2014 with Aquarius Divers

On the 20th of February, we had a chance to help the Marani Turtle Conservation Aquarium to release 61 green turtles from babies to grown ups these last ones who were ever catch in fishermen s nets and cured at the aquarium.The whole day was filled with excitement and even the Vice President of Zanzibar made an speech followed by a very entertaining show that brought all the village and visitors altogether.In the afternoon we lend one of our boats to bring the older turtles to two of our reefs where they were happily released and then, sailed to Kendwa beach to release the youngsters in a race from the beach.

Everyone of our guests had a chance to free their own turtle so a lot of smiley faces were to be spotted.

Join us next year!!

In the meanwhile, support the locals efforts to give turtles a chance for survival. Visit the Marani Aquarium, you will love it and the guys will take good care of you.

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Gifford Pelletier

Great work - sounds a fantastic day. Good to see Dive Centers actively involved in conservation! :)


Jaromíra Tomanová

Vice President of Zanzibar came out to help rescue turtles.. that is pretty rad!


Debra Johnson

hey nice report.. even if the photos are upside down.. unless thais is a southern hemisphere thing ;) xx


Julieta Rodrigues

Good effort guys & gals!


Aquarius Divers

Thanks to everybody for your comment and support. I managed to fix the pictures upside down. Enjoy them!


Sienna Mackenzie

:) looks fun!!

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