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Diving in Eastport, Maine

Eastport28 Mar 2014 - 29 Mar 2014

Upon first opportunity I put my gears together and drove to what became one of my favorite spots - Old Steamship Pier, located at Eastport, Maine. This site is an immediate neighbor to a spot mentioned in "Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die". I realize that the book is highly subjective, but most who dove in a vicinity keep coming back for more.

Driving from Boston was easy. And despite almost constant drizzle I reached Lincoln, Canada in less than 8 hours. Actually I was pleasantly surprised to see 75 mph speed limit posted in some parts of the highway.

It seems to me that I'll never tire to praise this dive spot. Its unparalleled combination of topographic position, easy parking, effortless access to the water, simple sub-navigation, relatively safe depth and richness of fauna. I swam to the wall in less than a minute and began scanning first log. Making this story short; 54 minutes of easy, unhurried dive "yielded" 6 species of nudibranchs, a worm, shrimp, soft corals and all kind of anemones.

According to my Atomic computer, which has tendency to be a bit "warmer" than its counterparts, water's temp was 39 - 40'F. Visibility wasn't bad for this spot - 5 maybe 6 feet. Using macro lens I was able to get clean shot of of fairly large anemone.

Hence I resurfaced happy with results of my dive. Few others went to farther reef and came back with pictures of other beautiful members of sea slugs.

A word of appreciation to every responsible diver. Thank you, guys, for being super careful and sensible to places we visit, above and below the surface. Let's take plenty of pictures and leave behind nothing but our love.

2014.03.29. Old Steamship Pier. Eastport Maine 2 2014.03.29. Old Steamship Pier. Eastport Maine 3 2014.03.29. Old Steamship Pier. Eastport Maine 2768 2014.03.29. Old Steamship Pier. Eastport Maine 4 2014.03.29. Old Steamship Pier. Eastport Maine 2803

David Lundberg

Timur you are the Macro King! Excellent shots!

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Thank you, David, for your kind words, but I am far from it. Just shown my "lucky shots" ;)

Janelle Pette

40F! Brrr.. were you using a dry suit?

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Brrrr is right, Janelle!!! To enjoy dive one should wear dry-suit, otherwise it is too cold to stay in those waters for long.

Gifford Pelletier

Yes definitely dry suit territory!!


David E. Vinson

Low vis but still amazing shots!

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Yes, David, that's why I prefer shoot macro in those waters. Your camera is so close to the subject that backscatter is almost not visible.

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