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Humpback whale encounter

Boa Vista15 Mar 2014 - 6 Apr 2014

Normally, from mid march until end of may, it is common to hear the humpback whales singing during the dives.Specially those located in Sal Rei bay and lacaçao beach.

Scuba diving is already a "transportation to another world" but if you add this soundtrack it becomes a mind blowing experience.

This year a little "upgrade" on the experience to share. It was an urge need to put a face to that music.

This is what we got!


DSC5083 vlcsnap 2014 04 06 19h05m08s76 vlcsnap 2014 04 06 19h08m01s30 vlcsnap 2014 04 06 19h08m53s23 DSC5030

Gifford Pelletier

Amazing! Were you snorkeling to take these pictures?

juan blanco diving

Juan Blanco PADI IDC Staff Instructor #177093

Hi Gifford, yes, just went along with the whale watch trip with scuba but finally jumped with snorkel set. The footage is for local marine biologist for ID purposes.

Ines Richter

Lucky man - I would love to snorkel with Humpbacks! Is this something people can do frequently in Boa Vista?


Sienna Mackenzie

If they did emoticons I would use a 'green with envy' one. Must have been breath taking.


Palmira Trentino

Wow must be amazing fun!

Erika Huddle

Amazing, im so jealous of this!

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