Dive Report on Boa Vista, Cape Verde

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Diving with the "Revista Buceadores & Plongee Magazine Team"

Boa Vista4 May 2014 - 10 May 2014

Yes,May has arrived so we are ready for the diving season! The 1.8/1.5metres waves of the last month are getting lower to 1.4, till no more waves where people can swim,do kayack,pedal boat,snorkeling and of course,diving!

Visibility will be around 15-30 metres,when compares with the 6-8 metres of the past month. Will be no wind , the sun will be shinning all day and the water temperature can be 24 degrees.

We started this month with a pleasant visit,the «Revista Buceadores & Plongee Magazine Team. This is they´re third they in the island and it seems they´re having a good time here making photograph and also a couple videos of ours marine lifes. Here i´m posting some pictures

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Mickael Jeunes

Huge Ray! Looks great diving.


Éder Márcio Pereira

Yup,it was huge! This Sting ray were filmed at «Atlantida»,one of the best dive sites in Boa Vista island. It is common to see Manta Rays,Big lobster and huge moray eels over there. Maybe one day you come to dive here,Mr. Mickael!


Mickael Jeunes

Hopefully one day, it would be great to see mantas!


Reginaldo Tavares


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