Dive Report on Boa Vista, Cape Verde

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Boa Vista14 May 2014 - 14 May 2014

Summer is coming and we waiting for you.

I thing are you asking why is "you" and why is "summer"?

Let me explain better.Is threee dives per day,two in the morning(we start at 9am)and one dive in the afternom(we start at 14pm), and this my divers can happen in NEXT MONTH.

You dont have your own equipament dont worry we have everything for you(bcd ,wetsuit 6mm,mask,regulator,fins)for all sizes.

You have wife and children and you are asking if i go dive what my falmily gonna do,dont worry because we have snorkel excursion for all family,we have kayak,pedal boats and we do catamara excursion.

Summer guys this DIVE EVERYDAY.

YOU can found this in all in one center BOAVISTA DIVING.

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