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Boris wreck

Sal16 May 2014 - 16 May 2014

We started the dive with some current, though it got weaker during our bottom time on the wreck. Our three experienced divers, Nathan, Alan and Danijela, were able to spot the capeverdian sea breams on the stern of the wreck, a stingray lingering along the bottom, and many other species, like the porcupinefish, goatfish, grunts.

We started close to the bottom, at 28 meters, swimming around the wreck. Its length of about 25-30 meters allows divers to turn around it even three times. That way, the best parts of the wreck can be observed. We progressed shallower first to the deck at 20-22 meters, where we found a lot of the above mentioned fish life. We finished the dive close to the chimney and the part that once was the bridge, where the captain controlled his ship. Neutrally buoyant, we were enjoying the view of the wreck below us. As we had some good visibility, from the bridge itself we were able to see both the stern and bow of the Boris wreck. It is quiet rare to have a view on the whole wreck, so we appreciated this opportunity.

As after every deep dive, we respected the safety stop at 5 meters, waiting on the ascent line. After surfacing we were lucky to spot some dolphins approaching our boat, jumping next to us for some 3 to 4 minutes. After a great dive done, we relaxed on the boat during the surface interval, before making the second dive of the day at Farol. Ready for the next adventure!

boris foto 1

Danijela-Leca Podlipec

It was really fascinating!

Jonas Frueh

Very good. I hope one day to dive this wreck.


Hayden Hindley

Look fab! :) Makes me want to do more wreck dives.

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