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Exploring new dive site Boavista Cape Verde

Boa Vista12 May 2014 - 18 May 2014

My last dives at Boa Vista, Cape Verde were really good! we went to atlantida dive site and wanted to some exploration (Atlantida is one of the best dive sites we have)and we found a new place near atlantida.

Diving the reef direction west from the normal starting dive and about 4 minutes swim at 15 mts we did find a new wall!. It has almost 300 mts length and bottom is at 28 mts depth with a top of 17 mts. Really nice to dive along. We name the new site SILENCE WALL. What we found there, lots of stuff, big lobsters, full of moray eels, nudibranches everywhere…and the visibility was really good too!.And 2 days ago we went exploring Possona area. Possona is 30 meters depth, has a lot of nice rocks,and nice overhands where we could dive in, most the time we can get surprise we sharks there …but that day we didn’t see any sharks but we saw a big manta ray on our way up to the surface at 18 mts and it stayed with us playing and dancing for about 15 minutes until end of the dive it was really amazing,I just cant wait to go to possana again…

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Nick T. Morrison

Amazing to explore a new dive site!! :)

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