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Amazing day at Shark Bow

Boa Vista22 Apr 2014 - 22 Apr 2014

Few days ago I was diving with ScubaCaribe Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

The name of the divesite was Shark Bow and during this dive I understand why. - During this dive I saw my first sandtiger shark with a length of more or less 2 meters.

This was just an amazing moment for me. At this divesite I could see a lot of nice other life as well like some lobsters, stingrays, a frogfish and of course a lot of differnt schools of fish.

This spot gonna start at arround 23 meters and go down to almost 30 meters. It is even not that far away - with a boat of ca. 15 minutes.

Shark Bow is for sure one of the best divesites I have ever been to and I would go there anytime again and again.

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