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Excellent diving with turtle

Sal25 May 2014 - 25 May 2014

As we are now approaching the mating season of the loggerhead turtles, it is now possible to observe the adults species during diving.

Recently, we made a dived on the Farol Reef with 4 certified divers, Germans and French.

The Farol Reef is a gorgeous reef near the coast, maximum depth 18m with some drop formacion, overhang and small caves.

The visibility was great, with approximately 15m, tempeature of water was 24°C degrees, and there was a low current.

We planned to do a drift dive, and we came across the first big turtle (longgerhead). It was an adult male approximetly 1,5m long. He was passing by along the divers and after 20 minutes we saw a very nice young (green turtle) who posed for the photographs.

Towards the end of the dive and with 45 minutes of time, we found another turtle (female adult loggerhead) in a small cave. She was approximetly 1m long and with some injury, probably caused by propellers of boats. This is an example of why we should raise awareness of the importance of protecting and respecting marine life.

At the end of the dive all of the divers were happy and satisfied.

See you in the next dive!!!

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Vandra Allison

Amazing turtle photos, so close! Im a beginner learning underwater photography now, what camera do you use?


Ivonilson Gois

A Canon G12 with external flash Inon - D2000


Vandra Allison

Thank you, ive been looking at Canons vs Panasonic Lumix, i think i will start with just the camera and work up to external flash and strobe :)


Nick T. Morrison

Great photos Ivonilson!


Ivonilson Gois


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