Dive Report on Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Rating 9/10

Deep Dive - AOWC

Fujairah9 Jun 2014 - 9 Jun 2014

Great dive on Inchcape1 30m water temp 27c

Decend down through huge schools of fish

2 huge Moray Eels, Pufferfish, Lionfish, Scorpion Fish everything seemed BIG,

8.50am dive Vis about 6m


Sienna Mackenzie

hehe everything is big there! :)


Mike Bednarz

Was thinking about diving here for my next holiday. Does anyone recommend any dive centres or certain dive sites i have to dive?

Ryan Waddell

I did my AOWC with divers down really good professional out fit. Inchcape 1 & three rocks are both wonderful sites

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