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Thresher Cove Resort

Malapascua23 Jun 2014 - 27 Jun 2014

I visited Malapascua island, which is just off the far northern tip of Cebu Province in the Philippines. I stayed at Thresher Cove resort and the resort and diving was wonderful. The resort is new on the site of an old resort that had been abandoned. it sits in a small cove with a hill all around the resort. Nice white sand beach at high tide, at low tide the sea grass is uncovered. Mostly backpackers were there on my trip. the accommodations range from tents and dorms to a luxury villa. The dive center has all new equipment. They have two large dive boats and two small six paxs.

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Hana Nováková

Did you see any Thresher Sharks?

Charles Davis

Hi Hana: to be honest, I passed on the shark dives this trip. The 5am departure did not fit into my plans. The 4 days I was there the boats did go out and the lowest sighting was 5 different sharks. One day a research group was at the site being filmed by discovery channel as they tagged ten sharks with transmitters. I will likely be going back in a few months and will do the shark dives then


André Fernandes

Looks a beautiful place! Was this area affected by the typhoon at all?

Charles Davis

Hello Andre: sadly very much so. I spent some time walking around and you could still see areas that showed heavy damage. The resorts are open but some of them still have building that can not be used. Most of the dive centers have foreign owners or investors so it was easier for them to get rebuilt. The divers have not come back in large numbers yet. The dive sites are mostly unaffected. I asked to dive on the most heavily damaged site and while you could see areas that were damaged it seem to affect only about 25% of the reef. Other sites I did not see any damage to the reefs. What depressed me the most was the town of Maya which is on Cebu and is the location of the ferry to the island. Still many building destroyed. School year starts early June here and many classrooms have not been repaired. Most of the classes are being held in function tents. To your comment, yes it is very beautiful and the people very open and friendly


Sienna Mackenzie

Sad to hear that schools are not being rebuilt - but I guess it is a very poor country.. best things we can do is go there and support the local community (and enjoy the fine looking diving) :)

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