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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen11 Jun 2014 - 25 Jun 2014

This is the third of my trilogy. Of the three, this was the least memorable. To start with there is no jetty so the boat comes into the beach and you have to wade into the surf to about chest height with a mesh bag with your kit in and climb into the boat. This side of the channel (see my Cozumel report) the sea bed is at only about 12 m so good visibility and long dives (even I could last 55 minutes!). Primarily this is drift diving although one was a mix of coral reefs and drift. There is good fish life, primarily large shoals of grunts and snapper which will let you get very close indeed - to less that a metre. There are plenty of large moray eels of various species and we saw one eagle ray although that was rare for this time of year. There is also a large number of yellow rays (which look brown under water)which I think are limited to this location and that occasional large grey ones. We dived with Yucatek Divers, a Swiss owned operation, who can also organise cenotes diving (see my Tulum report and photo hopefully attached with me upside down) and would happily recommend them as they can also do you a deal with hotels if you dive with them. This is the most commercial part of the area and whilst there is almost limitless bars restaurants and shops, the salesmen that go with them aren't too bad but can get a bit tedious

Hana Nováková

:) I quite like a wade out.. makes you feel adventurous!


Julieta Rodrigues

I enjoy your reports. I hope to get back to Playa next year :)


Debra Johnson

Thanks for sharing sounds a fun dive spot we remember for the future. I really want to dive the Cenotes one day,

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