Dive Report on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Rating 10/10

Awesome First Dive!

Grand Cayman30 Aug 2014 - 30 Aug 2014 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

We had never scuba dived before and were nervous! The Lobster Pot Dive Center is very professional and informative. Our nerves were calmed because of the knowledge and guides we had throughout the dive. The sights of the reef are amazing - and one of the guides took some photos for us so we've have something to remember it by! We're planning to get fully certified next time we visit Grand Cayman and we'll definitely be using Lobster Pot. We highly suggest first time divers to come to the cheeseburger reef. Thank you!

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Janelle Pette

That water looks wonderful!


Mike Bednarz

What a great 'first dive' site! Congratulations!

Siena Bartels

Wow! It looks really nice there.

Siena Bartels

Wow! It looks really nice there.

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