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Nice experience but a bit early

Weligama3 Dec 2014 - 4 Dec 2014 with Weligama Bay Dive Center

This was my first dive outside my home town (UAE, Dubai) and after many research we decided on Weligama based on the report that we might see big fishes. The weather was perfect and waves not too bumpy, but the dive was a bit disappointing. We were told that since the monsoon ended late, the big fish season would start end of December/start of Jan. We have not seen any Mantas, Whale sharks, reef sharks but we did see a lot of different star fishes, small fishes, a beautiful scorpion fish and few barracudas. Also few eels.

Over all, it was very nice but I was disappointed to miss the big fishes.

As for snorkelling, it was too dusty and there was almost no coral reef near the beach due to the fishing ships, though we saw few nice marine life, it was not as much as expected.

The Dive centre staff however were extremely helpful and pretty fun. I would lie if I said I didn't enjoy the dive and the four day and I would certainly be back but next time will make sure its the right season.


Gabriel Onus

Interesting. I was thinking of going to Weligama next year - so it sounds like like if you want to see big fish it is a safer bet to go in Jan - Feb? (This might mean I need to make it a trip in early 2016 instead!)


Sharief Faraidooni

Hi Gabriel. This is what the dive centre told us. Starting from End of Dec is the best time for seeing big fishes.


Mike Bednarz

Sounds like good diving either way. Barracudas do terrify me a bit! :P

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Catherine Jones

Sharief, we will update the Weligama Animal Calendar to make it align a little more with your useful feedback.


Delphini Jo

Sri lanka big creatures have been long hunted by the fisherman.. nothing left :( pls update, you can check the accuracy via tripadvisor

Will Evermind

talked to a local divemaster that has been diving here for more than 20 years, and told me that the chances of seeing whales while diving are nil. You can always go deep into the blue and wait, but more often than not you'll just spend a boring hour without seeing anything. He confessed that it's just a lot of marketing.

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