Dive Report on St. Helena, West Africa

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Diving in St Helena

St. Helena15 Nov 2012 - 31 Dec 2015

St Helena does not appear on the draw down list of sites so you need to find it - slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic and six days by ship from CT. Bit the voyage, which will be shorter once an airport is completed in 2016, is worth it all. Yesterday six of us snorkeled with a whaleshark; today we dived to 33m to the Darkdale, a WW2 ship sunk by a u-boat and were accompanied by a devil ray. Dives, including equipment and air, cost £20 with the excellent subtropic adventures.

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Erika Huddle

Amazing!! I have checked this place out and would really like to go! Are there many dive operators there? Is boat from Cape Town the only way to get there?


Andy Crowe

There are just two operators and so there is never more than 10 -15 divers in the sea at any time, though it may well increase once you can fly here. You have to take the ship from CT or Ascension Island. And yes, it is amazing and a real privilege to be here.

Erika Huddle

Wow sounds incredible! I better start saving :P


Ben Windich

2 Dive Centers.. difficult to get to.. perfect!

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Catherine Jones

Lovely report Andy! I actually did not have this on our Guide Development map.. so thank you for raising the location's profile with us. We will do some work on the location over the next month or two and we can relocate your report to the location once we create it!

Elli Byrne

This place is now on my wish list! (Santa, please note)

Jon La Clink

Great article you can now fly to St Helena. This time of year the highlight is not only amazing diving but the whale sharks are there you can dive fish and go whale watching with some operators Craig and Keith are great for this as they have some great experience talk to them http://www.divesainthelena.com this is an amazing place

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