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Malapascua Island, Philippines

Malapascua2 May 2013 - 16 May 2013

My husband and I stayed at the Ocean Vida and used the Dive Centre attached - Sea Explorers.

The Dive Centre is excellent and well managed. Like everywhere, you have to get used to their way of doing things.

Once enrolled and the first dive completed, we were given the same guide for the rest of 7 days we booked.

Which was excellent. Loy knew every nook and cranny and the best place to see everything you 'might see'.

Our first time 'muck' diving, we soon got used to using a pointer so as to disturb less of the bottom and corals.

We saw things we had never seen before - from the biggest frog fish I've ever experienced, the Pegasus fish and my beloved pygmy seahorses!

The trip to Monad Shoal is a must - one of THE reasons for travelling 33 hours! You do leave at about 5am and get to the dive site just as the sun begins to rise. You're straight down to 28 metres, where you sit on the sandy edge and wait... not too long - there were the Thresher sharks winding their way up to be cleaned.

An amazing site not to be missed. The Eagle Ray swimming past was bonus.

Currents were very mild.

You can dive at a nice slow pace and search for the curiousities that appear.

Home also to my first night dives. Another first and one place where you are guaranteed to see the Mandarin fish coming up to mate. Colourful and playful, a great experience. It can get a little busy at times, with a several divers attending (about 15 or so).

The diving was chilled and abundant with life.

The Dive guides wanted us to get the most out of our experience & made sure they found as much as possible.

The Island itself is small and caters for diving in the main. Food and drink vary from cheap as chips to 5* a la carte.

A trip on foot around the island is recommended to get a feel for the true place - take much water with you as the humidity can be overwhelming at times!

May is the Festival time on the Island so the locals arrange games and bands as well as the boat parade around the Island.

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John Fry

John Fry

Nicely timed - I am thinking of going to the philippines in feb. Threseher shark cleaning station sounds simply unreal!


Norma Thompson

WOW that is a tiny tiny sea horse.. I could hardly see it in the picture at first.. you must have a keen eye!!


Randy Chacko

ha I didn't see it when i looked at first

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