Dive Report on Gili Islands, Indonesia

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Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Gili Islands3 Mar 2014 - 18 Mar 2014

Having visited my brother who emigrated to Oz, we couldn't fly over Indonesia without a look see!!! (Still not dived Oz as Asthmatic so need to do more than a diving medical - another time!)

We stayed in Bali overnight and then transferred by boat - about 2 hours.

We stayed in Bali Sampan hotel on Gili - a small and clean place with good breakfast and helpful friendly staff.

The shower was open top - awesome sensation!

TV reception was intermittent -then, we weren't there for tv!

We prepaid with Manta Dive which was about a 10 minute walk, as discount offered. Fresh water to clean kit and a place to store securely (we always take our kit). Staff great and saw a myriad of things - sharks (white n black tip), rays, ribbon eels, manits shrimp and lots of turtles! There is a conservation programme on the Island where you can see them being raised.

There is no transport on the island other than horse drawn. Ask price b4 u get in! Or hire a bike from your hotel as we did.

It rained quite heavily for odd spells whilst there, soon went though.

The dive guide lived on Lombok (about an hour by boat) and he hired us a car which took us round the island - up through the monkey forests to the waterfalls. The climb is hard work and much water consumed-rest had! We were a bit of an attraction as the only pale skins the locals had prob ever seen. We paid about 2.50GBP for a driven scooter ride back down.

Indonesia is very humid and water is a must. We drank only branded spirits on our off evenings poss not legit otherwise.

GT is a great lively place to stay with plenty of low cost and upmarket eateries, including live bands.

There are many cats on the island introduced some time ago by a landowner. Many have bent tails or partial tails - all are well, just quirky now due to ancestry!!

A lovely little island that we called home for 2 weeks. A place where you could island hop to other places very easily.

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Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit

I think I remember your last report - another beautifully written and useful report with great photos :)


André Fernandes

Beautiful turtle photo. I have forwarded to a friend heading that way! Good timing.

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