Dive Report on Kona, Hawaii

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Rating 8/10

Best dive sites off Kona

Kona1 May 2015 - 10 May 2015

I recommend only 3 dive sites off Kona, but it spectacular:

1. Night dive with mantas. Every night you can see more than 6 mantas in one place ( I saw 25). For me it best night dive sites in the world!!!!

2. Harbor . In harbor lives 3 tiger sharks. One of them probably 5 meters and so fatt ( it biggest tiger shark what I see). During dive you can meet eagle Ray , gray reef shark, Dolphins , mantas, turtles and etc etc etc. I meet also monk seals.

3. Manta cleaning station.

Matv Vita

In which time of the year you were there?

Denis Danilov

I was there in May and August

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