Dive Report on Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

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Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac5 May 2015 - 12 May 2015

BA fly to Grand Cayman via the Bahamas from LHR

Cayman Brac is the smallest of the Cayman Islands.

We stayed here http://www.bracreef.com/cayman-islands-resorts/ which has a dive operation attached run by Reef Divers. ThEYhave two or three boats depending on demand each of which comfortably seat up to twenty or so divers. Various packages are available for permutations of two dives in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The diving is, in the main, fairly easy. On our trip we dived on the northern side of the island as the winds made the sea on the south side too rough. This also meant that no night dives were available.

Even the farthest dive is probably only 15 minutes or so away, which gives you ample time to kit up.

The general rule is a deep dive for the first one and then shallow ones for the next two.

You can go off on your own but the leader will meet you under the boat and escort however many people want to follow.

Dive times are usually about 45 minutes. The guide will get you back to the boat after about 30 minutes where you can stay until you need to get out.

The dive sights are a mix of coral reefs, walls and an extremely good wreck, a Russian frigate the 356, a remnant of the Cold War from Cuba.

The is little large stuff here. Eagle rays are fairly common as are stingrays. There is a large grouper population some of which are astonishingly friendly and will follow you for the entire dive. There are some very large barracuda that may also escort you on your dive.

Turtles are fairly common and many of these are used to divers so provided they are not crowded will hang around for as long as you do.

There is the usual collection of Caribbean reef fish, a variety of morays big and small, huge lobster and crabs, as well as small shrimps and other critters.

Good visibility, relatively shallow depths a fairly constant 28 C water temp and no currents

The resort is closing for three monhs later in 2015 for refurbishment.


Julieta Rodrigues

Heart Cayman!

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