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Nusa Lembongan (Bali) Diving

Bali21 Sep 2015 - 26 Sep 2015 with Lembongan Dive Center

My boyfriend and I were suggested to visit Nusa Lembongan for diving. We made the trip in mid-September for a week. If you are staying in Sanur and go diving, you most likely will be taking a trip to Nusa Lembongan, but really all of the dive sites are off of Nusa Penida. We dove for 3 days with Lembongan Dive Center (which we would recommend). Our first day of diving we got to visit Manta Point and Crystal Bay. We did in fact get to see 4 mantas at Manta Point. Crystal Bay is known as the best site to spot mola-mola, so EVERYONE and their brother goes there. Since everyone thinks this is where mola-mola are spotted, all the dive centers go there and the dive site was horribly crowded, the point that you could easily lose your group, the visibility suffered, not to mention the water is 18 degrees! So we were a little bummed after this day, it is not what we thought diving in Bali would be like. It was suggested to us that we try visiting the north side of Nusa Penida, so we requested that we be on a boat visiting those sites the next two days... and it was AMAZING! Water temperature was 25-27 degrees, and the coral was outstanding. We dove Buryuk, SD, and Toyapakeh. All three were amazing sites. The current can differ each day, so that and tide conditions will dictate which dive sites you get to visit each day. But all three sites had beautiful coral, lots of eels, turtles, nudibranch, sea snakes, etc. There was so much fish life compared to the other dive sites. Also, there is a chance of seeing mola-mola at these sites as well, they just aren't known for it like Crystal Bay. But we would highly suggest going to the north side of the island for better coral and fish life, however on a good day, Crystal Bay is supposed to have the best visibility. But you run the risk of having 20 other dive boats there as well. Overall we enjoyed our diving in Bali.


Brian Espin

Yes! I found the same problem at Crystal Bay - dive centers should try and sort a bit of a rota so places do not crowd out.


Debra Johnson

I am going to dive Bali in Nov/Dec.. thank you for sharing these tips!


Norma Thompson

Good advice!

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