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Northern Arch - Poor Knight Islands.

Tutukaka11 Jan 2014 - 18 Jan 2014

Tutukaka is the harbor town for a trips heading out the the Poor Knight Islands. The Poor Knight Islands are a full nature and marine reserve, several Islands fully protected and uninhabited. They are full of history and lore and full of life!

The water here is affected by the east Australian current which causes the temperature to vary between 14 C winter and 22 C in the summer. Welcoming a host of temperate and seasonal tropical visitors. Since becoming a marine reserve life has exploded here and all sorts of temperate life calls the Knights home. All Boat diving with nil access to the Islands.

There are MANY dive sites around the Poor Knight Islands, each with its own features.

One of my personal favorite is Northern Arch, the photos here are all taken there.

Northern Arch is an Archway and Wall dive, depending on conditions and currents the dive plan can change here either side of the arch, around the point or through the arch and back. Max depth is around 43m at the bottom of the Arch which is 6-8m wide, the top of the arch is above the water level.

At times you can see Sharks and larger creatures swimming off the point of the arch (Mantas and Orca included).

In the Archway... any day you can get conditions to dive there, epic amounts of fish! (also Rays, eels and macro life) Kelp lined walls with helpful ridges around 10m, 20m and 30m.

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