Dive Report on San Salvador, Bahamas

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Rating 9/10

San Salvador Diving Overall in the summer

San Salvador17 Jul 2015 - 8 Aug 2015

San Sal is a beautiful untouched island in the Bahamas. It is the most westward island and also closest to the Atlantic waters. San Sal offers great diving; from shallow reef diving to drop-offs and wall diving. I personally did not encounter any hammerheads when I was there but grey reefs were common visitors. The main attraction is the wall diving, but there still are rich reefs on top of the walls. Turtles and stingrays are also very plentiful. The island itself is great for holiday and diving overall, it is very remote and undeveloped which is nice.


Rich Ward

I have been considering San Salvador for an extended diving trip - I like that it is still not very developed.. is it fairly cheap to stay there?

Martin Deacon

Hi Rich, yes San Sal is quite inexpensive but I would definitely then book with Riding Rock Resort and Lodge because Club Med is a lot more expensive, given it is very high class but Riding Rock has great dive packages.

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